Milo and Mowgli

Music + Cats vol. 16

New Music

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This Week’s New Tunes
Felguk – Work It Harder
Satoshi Fumi – Lalalalaland
Congorock – Babylon (Steve Angello Edit)

Felguk – Work It Harder

My favorite electro house/brazillian crazy fools Felguk + a Daft Punk remix??
Yes please!

Satoshi Fumi – Lalalalaland

This is a new song that popped up on my Discover Weekly Spotify playlist. I’ve never heard of the artist, but they brought back an old classic techno sample, so I’m definitely keeping an eye on this one.

Congorock – Babylon (Steve Angello Edit)

Thanks Dani for bringing this song back into my life. <3 Blog Haus

This Week’s Really Cute Cats

This week, you get two meows: Milo & Mowgli! Aren’t they sweet?

Bonus: Santa Cat!

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