The Angriest Cat In The World

If you thought Grumpy Cat looks permanently displeased with the world, then Garfi the Persian cat must be seething with rage. Thanks to a permanently furrowed brow, this fluffy orange cat (who does bear a resemblance to the iconic Garfield) always looks about ready to sharpen his claws on someone.

Despite his hilarious, mean muggin’ looks, Garfi is just a normal cat who enjoys regular feline activities: hungrily eyeing a roast turkey, sitting in drawers, playing with his humans, and fitting himself into paper bags. The angry-faced kitty, who lives with his owner Hulya Ozkok in Turkey, appears to be just as sweet as any other cat, as he willingly wears silly costumes, poses for photos, and instantly cheers up anyone who lays eyes on him.

The Angriest Cat In The World