Los Angeles’ X Li recently released their new single “think i’m in love with you” that sets out to “capture the essence of LAs nightlife and the enchantment that comes with unexpected encounters.”

This song was inspired by the story of love at first sight; the enchanting encounter of falling in love with a girl met at an afterparty. It blends modern production and live instruments with the nostalgic vibes of 80s synth-pop. This song is a bestseller in web3: It broke NFT records, outsold Snoop Dogg, ranked on the Billboard Top 10 NFT chart & ranked #1 on the TikTok China chart. “Think im in love with u” is a testament to X Li’s talent and creativity, drawing inspiration from artists such as The Weeknd, Girl In Red, Billie Eilish, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, and Vampire Weekend. While keeping his own unique style, X Li effortlessly captures the essence of these acclaimed artists in their music.

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Listen now below: